moving living beings such as animals, birds, insects, aquatics, and humans

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  • Jangama — is a member of the order of wandering monks, said to have been created by Mahadev of the Kailas Parvat (modern day Himalayan range).The word Jangam means dynamic or moving in Sanskrit.When different religious movements rose and fell in India,… …   Wikipedia

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  • sthirá-jaṅgama — स्थिरजङ्गम …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Jangam — is an order of wandering monks said to have been initiated by Mahadev in Kailas Parvat (modern day Himalayan range). As the faithful followers of life which is the dynamic element of nature, Jangam people claim not to be confined to static ideas …   Wikipedia

  • Lingayatism — or Veerashaivism is a Hindu religious sect in India but a Dharma. The adherents of this faith are known as Lingayats or Veerashaivas . The term is derived from Lingavantha in Kannada. This became more prominent after a reform movement attributed… …   Wikipedia

  • Chikka Devaraja — Wodeyar of Mysore Reign 1673 1704 Born September 22, 1645 …   Wikipedia

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